Blink Rogues

After three years of “after work / weekend” development, FoxDive’s first Indie Project finally released on Steam. It was a hard yet fulfilling journey which i absolutely loved from start to finish.

Nutaku Publishing

Joining Nutaku switched me from a AAA environment to a fast paced startup F2P setup. Its immense and lighting fast growth came bundled with a very abrupt learning curve, allowing me to quickly understand the F2P market and further solidify my GameDev know-how.

Fox Dive Studio was founded with a simple plan: make games worthy of your time. With that, together with a team of three, we started wrapping up production for a previously sketched game, managing to push it into Early Access one year after.

Master's Degree

Graduated the National School of Political and Administrative Studies Master’s program with a video game themed Thesis: “Risk Management in Indie video game development”

My game development journey started with a humble Game Tester job working for top publisher and creator – Ubisoft Entertainment. Thirteen years later, after wearing countless devHats, im still greeting each day with the same enthusiastic smile from those 2007 summer days!

A personal passion project that found me translating 120.000 words from English to Romanian, making it the first M&M title to ever reach the market with Romanian translation.

The begging of it all, that magical moment when i first pressed POWER on my very own computer. Thank you mom&dad for that most wonderful gift!

Crowded cyber cafes, talented youth, CRTs and ball mice, those were the early beggings of Romania’s e-sport scene – i loved it! #Bluezone #Unreal #Wired