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GDB Series: Game Design Document

Lets start with: dont write a painfully long document enclosing a ton of details and explanations of each and every parcel of your game. This “doc” needs to paint a broad picture of your idea, be easily searchable, updateable, understandable, referenceable – thats all! …

GDB Series: Creative Design Document

As with the other documents, the CDD (creative design document) is meant to provide clarity to all stakeholders involved. In this part, you will detail the look and feel of your game, the setting, the environment, the story and characters, you will set your mood board and art style, in short you will need to “paint the picture” of your title.

GDB Series: Technical Design Document

If you’re anything like i was in the beginning, the tech details of a game are the last thing to have in mind, especially when you are so excited about the prospects of creating a new game from scratch!