GDB Series: Technical Design Document

NOTE: This article targets small to medium sized F2P productions.

If you’re anything like i was in the beginning, the tech details of a game are the last thing to have in mind, especially when you are so excited about the prospects of creating a new game from scratch!

With that, lets cut it short and properly highlight the importance of a TDD, underlining the value of starting such conversations in the early development stages of your game.
Doing so will not only allow you to understand the technical limitations that could fall upon your team but also provide insights on additional costs associated with engines, services or other 3rd party development tools.

Here is a list of starting questions to kickstart your list with:
– What platforms are you planning to release your game on?
– What would the tech specs look like for your game?
– Will those be compatible with the release platforms?
– What engine are you using?
– Can that engine support all features and release platforms for your game?
– Will you need servers / CDNs (content delivery networks) to run your game?
– If so, do you have your own or will you need to rely on external support?
– Will you support cloud saves and player authentication?
– Will you use a caching system?
– What would traffic look like for 1/100/1000/100000 players?
– Do you foresee the need to using Analytics?
– If so, do you have your own or will you need to rely on external support?
– Will your game support Social Media integration?
– Will you need Customer Support?
– Will you need matchmaking, leaderboards, anticheat?
– Will you need to connect external devices to you game (controllers, gadgets etc)
– How will you tackle cheaters?